Dental Implants

Missing teeth can affect our eating and speech, as well as our confidence to smile. A dental implant is a fixed, discreet, aesthetically pleasing and long-term solution for the replacement of missing teeth.

A small titanium screw is placed in the jaw bone which acts as an artificial root of a missing tooth. Titanium is used because of its ability to naturally integrate with bone material and create an extremely stable base for attaching the artificial tooth.

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, several teeth, or all teeth. They can support crowns, bridges or dentures. They look and feel very much like your natural teeth.

Procedure for a Dental implant often requires several visits:

  • Extensive consultation and examination to check your overall dental health and suitability for a Dental Implant.
  • A CT scan of the area may be required. It will be established and discussed whether additional procedures may be required to place an implant successfully or to enhance the longevity of the Implant.
  • Removal of the damaged tooth if it is not already missing.
  • A 3 month wait for healing of the socket if the tooth has only just been removed, or immediate placement of the Implant following the tooth removal if possible.
  • A relatively minor surgical procedure where the implant is inserted into the jaw bone and a healing cap is placed.
  • A 3 to 6 month wait for healing and implant integration with the bone.
  • Exposure of the healing cap.
  • Impressions followed by fitting of a custom made implant crown to match your natural teeth.
  • Ongoing maintenance regime of the dental implant monitored regularly by your dentist at your routine check-up appointments.

At Red House Dental, we have a dedicated Implant team, who have undergone further postgraduate training and are fully qualified to offer implant treatment. Dental implants are placed by Dr Fezaan Gatrad, our Implantologist.

The implants are later restored by Dr Jessica Taylor via either a crown, or in some cases a bridge or a denture. Your implant journey will be overseen by Hannah Coleman, our implant coordinator.

There are a variety of Dental Implants on the market. We work with Nobel Biocare Implants, market leaders in this field, to ensure you have the very best.

Dental implants require a good hygiene maintenance regime to ensure their longevity. Like natural teeth, dental implants can still attract plaque and calculus, gum disease and infections without the right care. Your dentist and dental hygienist will continue to monitor, upkeep and advise you on your regular dental examinations and hygiene visits.

Dental implants provide excellent long-term value and can be a great investment in your oral health. Our implant team also accept referrals from other dental practices. Book an appointment to discuss whether dental implants are the right choice for you.