Quick Straight Teeth

A healthy smile is a beautiful smile. However, you may wish to go a step further. If you are unable to smile with confidence because of crooked teeth, or perhaps had braces as a child and find the teeth have since moved, teeth straightening may be the answer. Our Dentist Jessica Taylor can help you get the smile you desire with the help of Quick Straight Teeth https://www.quickstraightteeth.net/

Dr Jessica Taylor will carry out a thorough examination to determine if you are suitable for treatment with fixed, or removable braces. You will have photographs and moulds taken of your teeth and these are used to communicate with specialist orthodontists at QST. Treatment time can take from as little as 4 weeks up to 10 months.

Sometimes for more complicated cases, Jessica will advise you that you should see a specialist to continue your treatment. She works closely with local specialists to help you get your desired result.

Whether you opt for fixed or removable braces, the outcome will be the same – straight teeth, and a beautiful, youthful smile. Jessica will check your progress periodically and fit retainers once you are happy with your new smile.

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