Experience Fear Free Dentistry

At Red House Dental, we understand that a trip to the dentist can be a stressful event. Many people will often put off seeing a dentist and live with painful toothache rather than make an appointment.

If so, you are not alone

Dental anxiety is a recognised issue for many people.

According to recent figures published by the Adult Dental Health Survey:

  • Over a third of adults have moderate dental anxiety
  • A little over one in ten adults have extreme dental anxiety

So, with dental anxiety such a common issue, how do you overcome it?

The good news is that, here at Red House Dental, we help those with dental anxiety all the time. We enable them to overcome that fear and get the treatment they need to restore their dental health and often their self-confidence too. Sometimes all it takes is to come through the door and talk to us, or to be carefully guided through your treatment one step at a time, by a kind and considerate dental team.

There are further options available to help even the most fearful individuals undergo treatment. They are carried out by our dentist Jessica Taylor, who has been fully trained and is SAAD accredited.

IV Sedation (Conscious Sedation)

IV sedation is a safe and effective way of treating those with moderate to severe anxiety and even phobia. It is so effective that virtually anyone can be helped.

This technique involves the use of a small cannula (needle) placed in the back of the hand or the arm through which a sedative is administered prior to treatment.

As a patient although you are conscious for the entire procedure, you will experience an extremely relaxed state, to the point of drowsiness. Patients feel so relaxed and oblivious to their surroundings, they are happy to take a nap during treatment. IV sedation is not intended to put you to sleep or make you unconscious like a general anaesthetic, so it is very safe. Time passes in what appears to be minutes, even when undertaking a lengthy treatment. Many people have little memory of the dental treatment by the next day.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is an effective way of reducing anxiety. It is most suited to those with mild to moderate anxiety (those patients who force themselves to visit the dentist but feel anxious and uncomfortable the entire time).

This technique involves the patient swallowing a drug, normally 30 to 60 minutes before the start of dental treatment to induce a relaxed state. As a patient you are conscious and still aware of what is going on around you but feel more relaxed and better able to cope.

Make that first step and call us today to have your dental needs taken care of.